Be Breagha Founder
Jane Cliff

Be Breagha was created because I wanted to offer a different experience than most estheticians offer. 

Skin care and healthy living has been a large part of my life since my early thirties but I was not always that person.  In my teens and early twenties a slathered baby oil all over my skin and worshiped the sun. I ate sugary soda drinks and lived on fast food. If it weren’t for my amazing young metabolism I would have been thirty pounds overweight.  Thankfully I woke up to exercise and better eating and I soon started to see an aesthetician on a regular basis.  She treated my early onset sun damage with facials and aggressive treatments, and provided me with a professional grade skin care line to perform daily at home. I began to see all the damage, created from my poor diet and sun exposure, diminishing and a healthier glowing skin evolving.

Since then I, like all of us, started to experience signs of aging. A tempting and easy solution (though expensive) to address those wrinkles and sun damage seems to be “fill and freeze” with medical injections and lasers to to get back to the youthful look we all want to retain.

But what about our precious organ (and the largest in our body!) the skin… and what about our whole health?  Although these procedures are widely sought and advertised, they don’t nurture or protect the precious gift we have – now and into the future. In fact, since most of these procedures are relatively new, we really don’t know what long term use will hold.

Now, being an entrepreneur at heart – and after co-owning a business for 25 years – I decided to explore a new career…and a better solution for healthy aging. As a life-long learner, and armed with the rich experience from my first business in understanding determination and enthusiasm as fuel, I began to study and learn.

The process was fun and insightful so I decided to get the credentials necessary to share what I learned with others. And then I practiced, practiced, and practiced.

Then, Be Breagha  was born to represent my passion and newfound mission to give others the experience of high end, spa-like treatments using medical grade skin care products and leading edge procedures.  And my commitment is to focus on educating each of my clients on home care that is needed to guarantee results, noticeable within weeks.  

You may be asking, “isn’t that what every skin care professional says they or offering”.  Sometimes, but not commonly. 

You see, not only did I earn my Aesthetics License, I tackled Certification as a Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN).  With this approach, I could now connect what we do to take care of what we see on the outside by also address what takes care of us on the inside. After all, our bodies work best we we take care of all of it. right?

Pursuing this certification helped me see clearly what is really out of balance when it comes to maintaining health through life.  Have you ever gone to see your doctor and they say, “Hey telling me about your concerns about your every day life and how you are taking care of your whole self”?  Well if you have, then please share with me their name because I’d love to meet them. It never happens that way. The IIN approach to Health Coaching is to guide you through assessing your lifestyle, and then to help you discover why you are feeling the way you are. Then, with skilled guidance and support and armed with resources and tools, a new path can begin to unfold.  Believe it or not but going on a diet or working out two more days a week may help but it will not fix the root cause of  why we as a nation obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and other terminal disease have tripled since the 1950s.  

So Be Breagha was created to be a truly unique approach to helping people with health challenges we all face. My focus is on the whole body and how it effects our aging process.  Certainly consistent skin care is essential, but clean food, water, peaceful mind, and keeping our body in motion we can create amazing changes that emanate beauty. So adding a component of helping clients discover WHOLE BODY HEALTH – from the inside out – we can certainly achieve lasting beauty and vibrancy.

We are created as amazing, perfect, and all-connected beings.  Have you ever stopped to think that the heart never misses a beat and the lungs always breathe?  We came into this world with every part of our body and mind connected to work together and when we shift that balance we become out of sync. I believe we can reconnect to the original balance we were gifted – by focusing on health… from the inside out.